Spring Is Around the Corner – Here’s Your HVAC System Checklist

With Spring fast approaching, now is the perfect time for a check up on your HVAC system. Although there are some things you can do yourself, having one of our skilled and well-informed technicians inspect your system is the best option to ensure that your HVAC system is running in tip-top condition. You’ll be happy you put the effort in now to save you time and money later. If you’re looking for a package that will take care of all of these things and more, be sure to check out the service plans we have – you can select a plan that is right for you and your needs.


Here is our recommended spring checklist:

  1. Change Your Air Filters – This one is probably the easiest, but most overlooked, thing on this checklist. If the filter hasn’t been changed for months, you could be doing more harm than you’re aware of. Some people also think they may be saving money changing filters less often, but that may not be true. Forgetting to change your filter could cause your system not to perform as efficiently or even lead to damage.

  2. Inspect the Electrical Connections – Ensuring that you don’t have any damaged or faulty electrical connections is important. Having a bad connection can shorten the lifespan of your HVAC system and cause damage that can lead to costly repairs. It’s also a good idea to do this before cleaning the unit. Lastly, a faulty electrical connection can be unsafe. Examining electrical connections could keep your family and your home out of danger.

  3. Clean Your Outdoor/Indoor Unit – While it may be something you think about t in the warmer Spring and Summer months, most outdoor units are forgotten about and overlooked during the winter. Leaves, branches, and other debris can find their way to your outdoor unit and vents during a winter storm. With warmer weather on the horizon, it is a good idea to have anything that may cause an obstruction or damage to your unit cleared out. This would also be a good time to clean your indoor unit. Blower fans and coils should be cleaned on a regular basis to make sure the components work properly.

  4. Check the Levels of Refrigerant in Your Air Conditioner – Making sure your air conditioner has enough refrigerant is important. Hot summer days will be on their way and you will want to make sure your unit is able to produce cold air to keep your home cool and comfortable. Not keeping an eye on this can leave you in a bind when the temperature gets high and your air conditioner isn’t keeping up.

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