Spring Clean up Begins with HVAC Equipment

Spring cleaning time is here – don’t neglect your home’s HVAC equipment during this cleanup process! You don’t want to wait until that first hot and humid day to turn on your system to find that it’s not working properly.

Old, rusty AC condenser with exposed electrical components

Is your home’s cooling system ready for the summer heat and humidity? Even a fairly new system needs regular maintenance to run efficiently. You don’t want the discomfort and added expense of an unexpected air conditioning system breakdown in the middle of the summer.

A dirty cooling and/or heating system can cost you money.
The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers, estimate that your HVAC equipment could be cost an additional $1,000 per season to operate just because it is not properly cleaned and maintained due to clogged filters and grimy coils.

A little planning now can help to avoid unnecessary problems and unexpected repair expenses.
Make sure to schedule regular maintenance on your heating and cooling systems by a qualified HVAC expert. Spring Tune-Up Service is especially important to combat the effects of a harsh winter and avoid untimely repair costs later. This tune-up will should include the following:

  • Inspection of the evaporator coil for cleanliness and efficiency.
  • Ensuring that the evaporator coil drains properly.
  • Filters are inspected and, if necessary, replaced.
  • The refrigerant charge is checked according to manufacturer specifications.
  • The condenser coil is inspected for cleanliness and efficiency.
  • The unit’s temperature drop is inspected.

Change your air conditioner filters on a normal basis.
While you should leave these technical tasks to an experienced professional, you can help maintain you system by changing your air conditioning filter on a regular basis. If you have a pleated filter, it should be replaced every 1-to-3 months, while the standard fiberglass air filter needs to be replaced more frequently. Be sure to clean electronic air filters according to manufacturer’s instructions.

With some simple advanced planning this spring, you can have your HVAC system ready for the increased demands that come with a long, hot summer – and you can save money and hassle, too!

To schedule your Spring Tune-Up Service, contact UGI Heating, Cooling & Plumbing at 877-844-4822 or visit www.ugihvac.com.

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