Scary Things That Can Happen to Your HVAC Unit

Halloween is all about funny, scary and spooky things – yet, there is nothing fun about or scarier than frightful things that can happen to your heating system as the weather gets colder and harsher.

Scary Things That Can Happen to Your HVAC Unit

Without regular maintenance, these are some scary and potentially dangerous things that can happen to your HVAC system:

Loss of Heat or Cool Air

Minor issues can turn into unexpected and sudden system failures, leading to frustration of having a home without heat or air conditioning, and an uncomfortable and unhappy household.

Overflowing Drain Pans

Drain pans can leak and overflow without regular, thorough cleaning, and cause water damage, over time leading to mold and mildew growth.

Misaligned Belt

The longer your HVAC system operates with a misaligned belt, the more damage will be done to essential bearings, pulleys, and shafts, ultimately causing damage to the motors – so avoid frighteningly high utility bills and costly repairs with regular maintenance.

Bearing Malfunction

The bearing cavity needs the right amount of lubrication; otherwise it will overheat and cause premature break down and bearing failure.

Leaking Refrigerant

Even a minor leak in your air conditioner can cause your system efficiency to be reduced by 20 percent or more.  A system-wide tune-up can identify loss in refrigerant levels, which are essential to overall efficiency of your HVAC system.

Reduced Airflow

Dirty air filters reduce airflow and have a negative impact on overall system efficiency and indoor air quality, so make sure you change them regularly.

Heater Exchange Failure

A failing heat exchanger can cause carbon monoxide to seep into the air stream and circulate throughout your home – prevent heater exchange failure by scheduling regular HVAC maintenance.

Busted Compressor

Dirty condenser coils can overheat, shortening the lifespan of the unit since it needs to work harder than necessary.

All these HVAC problems can be avoided with regular HVAC maintenance.  HVAC problems can be scary, so don’t be afraid to call for fast and friendly HVAC service – be proactive, an efficient, safe HVAC system in your home is priceless!

The cooling temperatures that come at this time of the year make scheduling preventative HVAC service in Lancaster, PA especially important.

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