It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humidity

In the summer, your cooling system is your best friend. You wanted to make sure your AC is there for you and your family, so you checked that it’s working properly and set your thermostat to deal with the dog days of a Pennsylvania summer.

If, on a scorching hot summer day, you still feel hot in your house even with the AC cranked up – you may have a humidity problem.

Large house in wooded lot covered in snow

Your problem may not be your cooling system, but the excess of humidity in your home. Here’s where we need to have a little talk about something called the “latent heat”. Latent heat is the moisture content, or the water vapor in the air.

Your air conditioner has two jobs, and there are two numbers to describe how well: sensible and latent capacity.

During the hot summer months in Lancaster PA, Berks County, or the Lehigh Valley, your AC system first needs to overcome latent heat, or high levels of humidity, before it can properly begin to cool your home. This means that your air conditioning system needs to work much harder than it would with adequate humidity controls.

For your home heating and cooling system to function properly, it should have controls to maintain the ideal humidity levels during both the heating and cooling seasons. If you live between Harrisburg, PA, and Allentown, PA, you know how extreme the weather here can be – your home in Lititz, PA can see temperatures from below zero up to over 100 degrees.

Did you know that lack of humidity in the air could be causing your house to feel cold during the winter?

A qualified HVAC company such as UGI Heating, Cooling & Plumbing can solve both challenges for you.

The level of humidity in your home may be why your energy bills are higher. Proper humidification levels can allow you to reduce your bill, and prevent you from getting sick, as poor indoor air quality can cause dry skin, lips and hair, scratchy throats and noses, and itching and chapping, as well as make you more prone to getting a respiratory illness.

At UGI Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we want to make sure your home is comfortable and safe for you and your loved ones no matter the season, and we offer several options for whole-home humidification controls.

So, if you’re hot inside even when the thermostat is turned way up in the summer, or chilly in the winter even when the thermostat is cranked up – it may be time to give us a call!

And, make sure you have a thermostat you can program. You will enjoy better control of the temperature in your home, plus may save some money along the way.

In addition to seeing that your air conditioner was sized properly according to both the sensible and latent loads in your home, you may also want to consider getting a professional Air Conditioning or heat pump tune-up to ensure that your refrigerant is set at the optimum level, all components are operating properly and your system is running efficiently.

The UGI Heating, Cooling and Plumbing team of HVAC experts, located in Lancaster PA, brings decades of experience and are here to deliver preventative maintenance, a brand new installation, or a whole-home energy assessment.

Turn to our skilled technicians for all of your HVAC, heating and cooling system needs. Our experienced technicians live and work in Bethlehem, Allentown, Lehigh Valley, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Berks County, and the Greater-Reading PA area.

Temperatures are still very high, and before we know it they will start to drop – make an appointment today.