Ductless Air Conditioning – It’s Both Modern and Efficient

Warmer days and nights are upon us, and with the warm weather comes the vital question – is your air conditioning ready for spring and, even more important, summer?

One of the amazing modern and energy efficient solutions for cooling your home is ductless air conditioning.

Whether you need to fix a challenging room or an addition that never seems to cool as well as the rest of the house, or you’ve had enough of the noisy, inefficient window boxes that don’t even cool very well – Mitsubishi ductless cooling system is your answer!

Mitsubishi ductless mini splits will allow you to have total control in a problem room, section of the house, or your whole house, so you can easily ensure you and your family enjoy the long summer months in the cool comfort of your home. What’s more, ductless system works to provide heating or cooling for your home!

How does ductless system work?

Ductless splits, also known as “Mini-Splits”, pump cooled or heated refrigerant directly to the wall or ceiling-mounted air-handling unit. The great thing about it is that there are many ways Mitsubishi ductless system can be configured to meet the unique needs of your family, your lifestyle and your home’s layout; plus, each unit has its own wireless electronic temperature control system, a remote.

Ductless systems are effective, efficient, and versatile.

They can be used as the primary heating and cooling solution or in supplemental applications, where oil or propane is the primary source of heat for your home.

The ductless system is ideal for a single room application, such as for additions, finished basements, sunrooms or any other space that offers comfort challenges.

In addition to being a whole-home system, Mitsubishi ductless splits will be a great solution when you need to heat and cool your newly renovated living space or addition – allowing you to turn a seasonal space into a year-round sanctuary.

For example, use your sunroom every day by adding a ductless mini split.

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At UGI Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we’ve installed ductless systems in numerous homes where the existing system was either too small to condition the air, or installing ductwork was too expensive, destructive or aesthetically intrusive.

The ductless system can also work for Multi-Zones, keeping all the rooms of a house at maximum, individualized comfort levels without all the ductwork.

Have an older home? Not to worry – Mitsubishi ductless works wonderfully for older homes!

Modernize your comfort and keep that historic charm

If you own a historic Bethlehem PA, Harrisburg PA, Lancaster PA, or Reading PA home, we understand that, while its charm and architectural beauty is a source of pride for you – it also needs to be practical and comfortable.

High humidity in Pennsylvania can be quite a problem, and ductless is the answer.

But, how do you preserve the integrity of your historic home and at the same time modernize your home, optimize the cooling, and eliminate hot spots?

Mitsubishi ductless solutions enable you to update your home operating system, while preserving the historic charm and appeal of the building and maintaining the beauty and comfort of your home.

Even The National Park Service (NPS) and Secretary of the Interior Standards and Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings have recognized ductless systems for their ability to help maintain this historic character!

When it comes to installing cooling systems in renovated spaces or additions, or updating the HVAC system of an older home or structure – ductless is an affordable, non-invasive, energy saving choice.

Young family of three playing on floor

Temperatures will be rising soon – is your home ready to provide cool and comfort for you and your loved ones?

Rely on UGI Heating, Cooling & Plumbing skilled technicians for all of your cooling system needs in Bethlehem PA, Harrisburg PA, Lancaster PA, Reading PA.

Make an appointment today to see if ductless system by Mitsubishi, the worldwide leader in ductless technology, is the right solution for your needs.