Is It Time to Convert to natural Gas?

In recent years the exploration and development of Natural Gas from shale has led to extremely low prices especially when compared to heating oil costs. The difference is so great that in many cases the costs for a typical residential conversion to Natural Gas could be re-couped within five years and sometimes even sooner! Changing your heating system from heating oil to natural gas could be a no brainer depending on your current system and availability of gas in your area.

There are other benefits derived from converting to Natural Gas beside the money saved in long term energy consumption. These benefits include but are not limited to:

Paying for your fuel as you use it – not upfront

Gas comes through a pipeline and is not stored in a tank on premises

Natural Gas is good for the environment as it reduces green house gases and other pollutants

Converting to Natural Gas is good for the country – all the gas you will consume is produced in the United States

Natural Gas, in the home, can also be used for cooking, producing efficient domestic hot water, drying clothes and supplying your fireplace and/or your outdoor BBQ

Your home will be less drafty and cleaner as high efficiency gas heating equipment uses outside air for combustion and doesn’t waste heat up a chimney

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