How Important is a Chimney Liner?

As a homeowner, you know the importance of your chimney – it provides a way for venting gases produced from fuel to exit your home – ensuring you and your loved ones are cozier and safer in your home.

What you may not know is that your chimney also helps extend the life of your HVAC system and cuts your energy usage.

Brick Chimney

Did you know that the chimney liner is an important part of your chimney?

Here’s why:

Fuels, such as propane, oil, kerosene, natural gas, and wood all produce flue gases that must be vented into a chimney, and for them to be expelled into the atmosphere, there must be proper drafting of the chimney.

This is where chimney liners play a big role – they help to direct the flue gasses into the outside atmosphere, while stopping lethal carbon monoxide gas from seeping into your home. They do this by preventing hot embers in smoke from entering through a crack in the flue, which can potentially cause materials in or around the chimney to ignite.

The unlined chimneys or damaged chimneys can pose danger, so it’s crucial to have your chimney professionally inspected on an annual basis to be sure it meets modern safety standards.

The common signs that you may need a new chimney liner include:

  • The clay liner is damaged or deteriorating, which can allow carbon monoxide and hot embers to leave the chimney.
  • Your chimney may have a condensation problem, which allows for erosion to occur.
  • Also, when converting to burn different fuel or change of fireplace, you must change the chimney liner.

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