How Your Home Will Benefit from Oil to Gas Conversion

As a homeowner, you want to make sure you’re taking steps to keep your home in good shape, and comfortable and safe for your loved ones. Also, you want to be sure your dwelling is as energy efficient as possible.

When it comes to heating their home, more and more homeowners are asking if it’s more cost-effective and beneficial for the environment to heat their home with natural gas as opposed to using heating oil, electricity or propane.

Many people already know that it costs more to heat your home with heating oil. The benefits, however, to converting to natural gas include much more than it being a more economical solution.

At UGI Heating, Cooling & Plumbing we have performed thousands of gas conversions, and have seen first-hand multiple ways natural gas usage has helped homeowners.

Some of the main benefits to transitioning to a different fuel source such as natural gas are:

  1. Lower Energy Bills

    You could save a lot of money each month, and the overall savings is worth the upfront cost of the conversion. Natural gas is more accessible, and far less costly than heating oil and electricity. The abundance of natural gas right here in Pennsylvania has helped to significantly drive down the costs of natural gas. Also, since your natural gas supply can have many uses in your home, it helps to save on a number of costs.

  2. Efficiency and Low Maintenance

    Your old heating equipment may be only 50 – 80% efficient, wasting much of the fuel you purchase. Today’s new Natural Gas furnaces and boilers have efficiency ratings up to 98%.

  3. Versatility and Convenience

    Natural gas is used for a number of household items such as heating your swimming pool, it can be used to heat your water and it can be used in the kitchen as well as to dry your clothes and light your gas fireplace. It’s not a one-job material; your home could use the upgrade to gas to help you save both money and hassle across the board.

  4. Natural Gas is Clean

    Natural Gas is the cleanest of all the fossil fuels, making it better for the environment than oil. Your new system will emit up to 40% less greenhouse gases and 100% less sulfur dioxide.

Green felt cut-out house standing in tall green grass

  1. No advance payments and you won’t have to worry about running out of oil.

    The convenience of natural gas is undeniable. It comes from an underground pipeline that means you’ll never run out of gas. Unlike heating oil, which has to be monitored to ensure that your supply does not run low, you are not responsible for checking gas levels at any point. You’ll have more time in your day to take care of the things that really matter, such as taking care of your children and your home. An oil furnace requires delivery of oil and care to ensure that levels are high enough to keep your home heated in the meantime.

    Another great aspect of natural gas is that your supply is not easily disrupted. You needn’t worry that the next storm that comes through disrupting your supply of natural gas. Natural gas does not take any time at all to warm up. Your home and water supply heat instantly and without the odor of heating oil. You don’t have to “pre-pay” for Natural Gas. Your bill is based on your actual energy usage each month. No more worrying about getting an emergency delivery in bad weather. There will be a constant supply of energy piped to your home, available whenever you need it.

  2. You’ll help reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

    About 85% of our nation’s supply of Natural Gas is produced here in the U.S. with over 97% from North America. In fact, nearly 100% of the Natural Gas consumed by UGI customers is produced in the U.S. And, thanks to the Marcellus Shale deposits, about 95% of that natural gas comes from right here in Pennsylvania.

  3. Natural gas is great for cooking and other lifestyle enhancements.

    In addition to saving money on clothes drying and getting faster, cheaper hot water, you might consider adding a cozy, convenient, gas-operated fireplace. Or, you could put in a gas space heater in the basement. A natural gas grill will provide you with uninterrupted grilling, day after day. Imagine an outdoor kitchen, complete with a built-in gas grill and gas tiki torches! You can even heat your in-ground pool with natural gas.

  4. Add value to your home.

    All these not only make your life easier, but they add value to your home as well.

    Our proficient HVAC contractors and technicians will make sure your home is safe, comfortable, and efficient, by properly sizing and installing your new system.

    And, now is the best time to convert to natural gas – don’t wait for your old furnace or boiler to stop working in the middle of winter. Start enjoying the comfort, value and other benefits of using natural gas right now!

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