10 Types Of Heating Systems We Offer To Help You Combat Cold Temperatures This Winter

Regardless of the season, you want your home to feel comfortable, safe and pleasant. Your home is where you spend so much time, and you deserve no less than to enjoy it.

Mother Nature really knows how to unleash freezing cold temperatures and mountains of snow in PA, wouldn’t you agree? Living in colder climates, it’s wise to prepare for the winter season, which, by the way, seems to last much longer every year.

Is your furnace in good condition? Is your home well insulated and energy-efficient? Avoid unpleasant surprises and unexpected expenses – make sure your home is winter-ready!

Did you know that the average homeowner can save about 15 percent on heating and cooling costs by air-sealing a home and adding proper insulation, according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program?

UGI Heating, Cooling & Plumbing has been providing a full range of high-quality home comfort products and services for over a century, and all you have to do is be proactive and make that call!

We expertly service, repair, and install all makes and models of natural gas, electric, propane, and oil systems in Lancaster, PA, Reading, PA, Harrisburg, PA, and Bethlehem, PA.

Whether you need a furnace repair, heater maintenance, or heating system installation, trust us to take care of it. Our exceptional team of technicians takes a lot of pride in making sure your home heating system is always running properly and efficiently, keeping your family warm and secure during long winters.

It’s actually a joint effort of dedication and expertise of all of our teams at UGI Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, who stand ready to assist with all of your heating needs – our installers, sales professionals, and support staff. Turn to our home-heating experts and let us guide you with upgrading or replacing your current system, as our comfort advisors provide you with the energy efficient options that fit your needs.

Our high quality, reliable heating repair and maintenance services include:

  1. Furnaces

    Burning fuel produces heat, as the hot gasses travel through metal tubing called the heat exchanger. Sometimes a heat exchanger cracks or contains holes, leading to leaks of carbon monoxide, “The Silent Killer”, into your home.

    It’s crucial to have a UGI HVAC technician service your furnace annually to prevent problems such as carbon monoxide poisoning.

  2. Hot Water Heaters and Boilers

    A water heater is a drum filled with water, which is cooled and heated through the use of a heating element. When a room’s temperature drops below the set point on the thermostat, this triggers the process of turning on the boiler system.

    A qualified UGI HVAC technician should be contacted if any of the following occurs:

    • Noisy or smoky burner operation
    • Excessive air noises
    • Water dripping at relief valve
    • Water dripping at piping connections
    • Smell of heated oil or natural gas
  3. Heat Pumps

    A heat pump requires minimal amounts of energy to circulate heat. During the winter, heat is taken from the outside air through copper coils. During the summer, very similar events take place except in the opposite direction. Did you know that a heat pump can effectively and efficiently heat homes with outside temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit! No ducts? No problem – “ductless” versions of heat pumps are available. Costs are kept under control due to the fact there is no need for heating oil or other fuel sources.

    It is important to have your heat pump system inspected on an annual basis by a certified UGI HVAC technician.

  4. Air Cleaners, Humidifiers and Other Indoor Air Quality Products

    Ongoing research proves indoor air pollution is 100 times worse than outdoor air pollution. We spend the majority of our time indoors, especially so in the long winters, and major health concerns can arise if pollution is left unaddressed.

    One of the very harmful pollutants are emissions from faulty appliances, such as a stove or furnace. It’s important for trained technicians to evaluate your home equipment annually, as, generally, two out of three indoor air quality issues involve the improper functioning of the HVAC system.

  5. Baseboard Heating

    Water is heated in the boiler, the most common fuel sources being gas and fuel. A circulating pump will distribute heated water throughout the home, and hot water from the boiler is carried to the baseboards by copper water lines. Each unit has a thermostat.

    Skilled UGI HVAC technicians can install or repair your home’s baseboard heating.

  6. Radiant Heating

    Electric heating coils are installed under your home’s floors, so the heat produced under the floors can warm rooms from the floor up. With radiant floor heating, as opposed to standard air systems, your room temperature is more constant, plus it is more economical to operate than furnaces.

    Whether your home is new (which would be the best applicant for radiant heating) or older – expert UGI HVAC technicians can successfully install radiant floor heating for you.

  7. Geothermal

    Did you know that your own backyard has the potential to be an energy source for your home’s heating and cooling solutions? Geothermal Heat Pumps (GHPs) are built to use the renewable energy of the Earth. The systems use significantly less electricity than conventional heating or cooling systems to keep your house comfortable year-round.

    GHPs can be installed by proficient UGI HVAC technicians in both new and retrofit situations.

  8. Oil to Gas Conversions

    New Natural Gas equipment is highly efficient and requires low maintenance, will save you money, plus you’ll be doing a good deed for the environment. Imagine having a constant supply of energy piped to your home, available whenever you need it!

    UGI Heating, Cooling & Plumbing has converted hundreds of homes to high efficiency Natural Gas heating and water equipment helping homeowners cut their energy bills!

  9. System Zoning

    System zoning is a device used to control the heating and cooling of rooms throughout your home. Several thermostats are placed throughout the home.

    If you want a really efficient way to heat or cool individual bedrooms to meet desired temperatures – UGI HVAC technicians can easily accomplish this for you and your family!

  10. Ductless Heating & Cooling Systems

    Homeowners in Lancaster, PA, Reading, PA, Harrisburg, PA, and Bethlehem, PA experience a wide range of weather extremes, from piles of snow and subzero temperatures, to the scorching heat and humidity.

    Regardless of how cold or hot it gets, Mitsubishi ductless mini splits can give you total control of your family’s comfort in a problem room, section of the house, or your whole home. What’s more, you can be free of the constantly noisy, inefficient window boxes, and enjoy the new technology units that heat and cool, are more energy-efficient, and do not pose a home security risk!

    Start enjoying your home in any weather condition, and improve its safety, too – rely on UGI HVAC technicians for installation and maintenance of Ductless Heating & Cooling Systems.

    Don’t wait for snow and polar temperatures – UGI Heating, Cooling & Plumbing experienced team is eager to help make your home warmer and comfortable today!

    Contact us for more information and to see what is the best option for your home.