Heating Problems? It’s Not the Heat(er) – It’s the (Lack of) Humidity!

Window panes showing frost around the edges

Do you have your thermostat set to a warm temperature of 72 degrees but it still feels like you’re freezing in your house all winter long? Your heating problem may not be your heater, but the lack of humidity in your home. This lack of humidity in your home not only causes a high heating bill – it can also be the cause of your cold-weather related illnesses as well.

In the winter, proper humidification can help your home feel warmer, allowing you to dial back the thermostat and save some money on the heating bills. During the hot summer months, your central air conditioning system first needs to overcome “latent heat” – a fancy term for high levels of humidity – before it can properly begin to cool the home. This means that your air conditioning system needs to work much harder than it would with proper humidity controls.

Not only do proper humidification levels allow you to reduce your heating bill, they also can prevent you from getting sick. Poor indoor air quality can cause dry skin, lips and hair, scratchy throats and noses, and itching and chapping. You are also more prone to get a cold or respiratory illness when the humidity is lacking in your home

When it comes to faulty heating, your home can suffer as well. Low humidity can cause shrinkage, separation, and warping of your hardwood floor and furniture.

A properly functioning home heating and cooling system should have controls to maintain the ideal humidity levels during both the heating and cooling seasons.

Here are some home-remedies that can potentially beat the low humidity:

  • Install a humidifier directly to your heating & cooling system or purchase individual units for rooms in your home (We can help you with that!)
  • Boil or cook with the lids off of the pans
  • Take steamy showers to create moisture
  • Keep houseplants

We offer several options for whole-home humidification controls, so if you’re chilly inside even with the thermostat cranked up, it may be time to give us a call!

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