Energy Audits: What They Are and Why We Do Them

A Home energy audit may sound too serious or unnecessary to some, but more and more people have come to understand the important role it plays in solving many of your home’s challenges, saving energy money, and even in pinpointing maintenance and safety issues. With extremely cold, snowy winters, and very hot summer weather, an energy audit can not only provide savings, but also add comfort to residents in the Lehigh Valley, and the areas surrounding Reading, PA, Lancaster, PA, and Harrisburg, PA.

An Energy Audit is an assessment of how much energy your home consumes, specifically where your house is losing valuable energy.

It is the first step in reducing your utility bills – as an audit also offers recommendations on how your home’s heating and air conditioning systems, water heating system, electrical systems, appliances, and insulation, could be made more efficient. With the removals of utility rate caps and energy costs increasing, home audits are more critical than ever before.

Digital rendition of house with rating system A-G

Here’s what an energy audit includes:

  • A survey of the exterior of your home
  • An interview to establish your energy needs and usage patterns
  • Combustion appliance zone testing
  • A blower door test – depressurization of home and test for air infiltration
  • Evaluation of existing heating, cooling and water heating equipment
  • Inspection and evaluation of every aspect of airflow within your home’s building envelope and ventilation system
  • Evaluation of larger electric utilizing appliances
  • A written report identifying energy savings opportunities
  • Recommendations on which repairs/upgrades will have the fastest payback in energy savings

All of our home energy auditors are certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) and have completed rigorous training focused on evaluating the overall performance of your home.

As a homeowner, you want to make and keep your house in good mechanical condition, comfortable, healthy and safe. Arrange for an energy assessment on your home because proper insulation, air sealing, and duct sealing will help your HVAC system run much more efficiently and safely.

Before deciding to buy a new heating, cooling, or plumbing system, do your diligence and have your house checked for leaks, as this could be causing an unnecessary toll on your equipment, after all, an HVAC repair or weatherization may be less expensive than a complete replacement.

By finding the leaks in your home, air sealing and insulating your home, UGI Heating, Cooling & Plumbing HVAC technicians can help you with reducing your home’s energy loss and saving energy, while saving you money.

If you do need to replace your system, our exceptional team of HVAC consultants, installers, and technicians are here to make sure your new heating, cooling, or plumbing system is properly sized and installed to run more efficiently, potentially saving you significantly on both your upfront expenses and energy bills down the road.

Rely on UGI Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for all of your whole-home HVAC needs, including energy audits and weatherization, in Lancaster, PA, Reading, PA, Harrisburg, PA, the Lehigh Valley, PA and surrounding areas.

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