Converting to Natural Gas Increases Your Home Value

Over time, many people renovate their kitchen or master bathroom. These two rooms are usually the most important selling points of any home, and where home values are determined. There is another factor that greatly impacts home value as well: the choice of energy within the home.

When moving or building a new home, many prospective buyers think very little of their energy source. They essentially take whatever is already there. However, this is beginning to change as more homebuyers and homebuilders are beginning to request natural gas over alternatives such as oil and propane.

Natural gas is more efficient, cleaner, safer, steadier, and inexpensive than any other energy source. Oil and propane simply can’t compete with natural gas. Oil and propane rely on the “convenience” factor in which they do not require a pipeline to your home; instead, the energy source is stored in tanks above or below ground. These tanks can be major eyesores. Now, given the choice, homebuyers and homebuilders are choosing natural gas as their desirable energy source.

Large house in wooded lot covered in snow

According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), homes with natural gas have a 4% higher resale value than those with oil or propane. In response, many neighborhoods, where there are no pre-existing natural gas pipelines, are campaigning to bring natural gas to their streets.

All homeowners want the value of their largest asset to increase over time. Given the demand for natural gas, it is not surprising that there is a positive correlation between homes that have natural gas and the demand for those homes. If given the opportunity, wouldn’t everybody want to increase the value of their home? To convert to natural gas, contact us today.