Natural Gas Conversion at Apartment Complex

Attention Property Managers! Looking to save some money on resident’s utility bills this winter and summer? Converting to natural gas may be the right solution for your property.

The case study below, and accompanying video, show how UGI Heating, Cooling & Plumbing converted 96 apartment units from electric to natural gas at Country Walk Apartments in Camp Hill, PA.

The Country Walk Apartments are located off Hillcrest Ct, Camp Hill, PA 17011, and owned by Consolidated Properties. This is a 96 unit apartment complex had utilized electric for heating, cooling and hot water. The heating and cooling system had been electric heat pumps that had efficiencies ranging for 7 SEER to 10 SEER. The water heater had been a 20 gallon electric, which lacked capacity and efficiency.

The new systems installed by UGI Heating, Cooling and Plumbing are high-efficiency equipment consisting of ENERGY STAR® Qualified natural gas water heaters that provide hot water for both domestic hot water and space heating needs. The air conditioning system is a 14 SEER unit. This new combination of equipment will reduce the residence’s energy consumption, saving them money, and at the same time reducing their carbon footprint to make their community a little bit greener.

Some of the reasons Country Walk decided to install natural gas equipment as opposed to other energy sources:

  • Natural gas is an efficient, safe, and reliable fuel source. It tends to cost less than electric or heating oil, and is one of the cleanest-burning fuels available. Converting to natural gas will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the air quality in the community, helping to make a cleaner, greener, capital region.
  • Natural gas is better for the environment. Natural gas produces fewer emissions of sulfur, carbon, and nitrogen than electric or oil. The use of natural gas also helps to reduce smog, acid rain, and greenhouse gas emissions. Direct use of natural gas for heating and hot water helps to reduce CO2 emissions. In equivalent heating conditions, natural gas produces fewer CO2 emissions than coal or oil – or even electricity: in cold snaps the electricity used to supply electric heating systems comes from nuclear and hydroelectric sources, significantly reinforced by thermal production methods such as coal and fuel oil that produce CO2 emissions with an energy efficiency of between 40 and 60%. It would be better to reduce these efficiency losses in electricity production by using natural gas directly in homes.

UGI Heating, Cooling and Plumbing completed the installation of the new central air conditioning and natural gas heating and hot water equipment at Country Walk Apartments in November of 2015.

View of Country Walk Apartments with UGI repair van parked in distance

UGI technician inspecting hot water heater

UGI HVAC technician installing supply lines to a new gas heating unit