Air Conditioning – DIY or Hire a Professional

The higher temperatures are upon us, and homeowners across the country are starting to look at how efficient and capable their current A/C is.

For some, making sure their current HVAC system is in good condition means regularly replacing filters, having it inspected and serviced yearly, to others it will mean repairing air leaks or a broken thermometer, and for some it may mean it’s time to upgrade.

Modern living space with gas fireplace, couch, and ductless unit

It’s crucial you know what you can handle on your own and what needs a professional’s touch – and choosing whether to take on such repairs, upgrades, and replacements yourself or hire a professional can certainly be confusing.

We gathered some valuable info to help you decide if your cooling system can be a DIY job:

First of all, ask yourself how knowledgeable and confident you are with the task at hand, and whether you have appropriate tools.

Next, what is your budget? If you love DIY projects and your budget is tight, before you dive in ask yourself if you truly have the necessary skills, patience, time, or even special equipment to do the HVAC job in your home. So how do you decide which route to take?

What you can handle yourself will depend also on the size and scope of the project.

For instance, basic tasks you can do by yourself include:

  • Changing or cleaning your electrostatic air filter every month or per manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Checking thermostat and ensuring it’s set at the most optimal seasonal setting
  • Removing debris, dirt, twigs, and leaves from your outdoor condenser unit
  • Checking plugs or blockages in the condensation drain and debris in the base pan
  • Clipping any vegetation back at least two feet away from any outdoor units

These preventive maintenance tasks, which are fairly easy to do if you’re a savvy homeowner, will help avoid larger problems down the road. But, if you’re not suitably skilled to handle the job, you could potentially cause more damage to your HVAC system, costing you extra money and time for a professional to correct it.

Here are some reasons why it’s a good idea to hire a professional:

  • An experienced HVAC contractor will be well-stocked with all the latest gadgets, and have access to the latest equipment and tools to properly fix or install HVAC units in your home.
  • Your system may need more attention than just cleaning it, and a professional will have up-to-date knowledge on the latest techniques in the industry.
  • Your HVAC contractor may also have some tips and tricks on how to save money on the latest products on the market.
  • Contrary to what you may believe, having your HVAC contractor replace parts may actually save you money because they likely have wholesale connections to buy at a great discount, and only from trusted suppliers.
  • Professionals are trained in the latest safety measures and know how to take the highest safety precautions so as not to endanger you or your loved ones. For instance, certain refrigerant chemicals that your A/C unit may contain may need special training and certification prior to handling them.
  • There may be a need for structural changes to your home during the HVAC project, and a professional will be able to help you with any required permits.
  • Something to keep on mind is that not all HVAC contractors are fully trained and knowledgeable in different AC system technologies, and if your system is not properly sized or placed, it will not run as efficiently as expected.

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