7 Ways To Prepare Your Cooling System For The Warmer Months Ahead

Springtime brings more brightness into our lives, inspires a surge of new energy, and a primordial urge to do spring-cleaning and prepare our homes to enjoy the longer days, fragrant nights, and warm weather.

In today’s modern world, balmy weather means making your cooling system your best friend. So it’s only natural that many homeowners start getting their air conditioning ready for spring and summer.

At UGI Heating, Cooling & Plumbing we want to make sure your air conditioner or heat pump is highly functional and ready to work hard for you and your family in the upcoming hot seasons.

UGI HVAC technician walking into home with AC unit testing equipment

We put together a list of 7 ways you can prepare your home and cooling system for warmer temperatures, and help ensure that your home stays cool and comfortable while your energy costs remain manageable as well.

  1. Check Your Filter

    Warmer weather is around the corner – make sure you check your air filter before you turn on your air conditioner or heat pump, and then check it at least once a month during summer.

    If the air filter is visibly dirty, it’s time to replace it. Dirty air filters restrict airflow and make your cooling system operate less efficiently. Your air quality and efficiency will be improved simply by replacing your air filter.

  2. Seal Air Leaks

    You can increase the efficiency of your air conditioner or heat pump by sealing air leaks in your home – caulk around doors and windows, seal around exterior electrical outlets and plumbing fixtures replace deteriorating weather stripping.

    According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), leaky ductwork can decrease the energy efficiency of your cooling system by as much as 25 percent, so make sure you get HVAC experts to perform a pressure test to determine if your cooling system’s ductwork is wasting energy and money. Eliminate leaks and enhance your cooling system’s efficiency and performance by having professionals seal and insulate your ducts.

    Proper insulation and sealing will help your HVAC system run much more efficiently and safely.

  3. Check Your Thermostat

    Sometimes, things that seem obvious are often neglected – such as turning your thermostat to “cool”.

    Now, if you set your thermostat to keep your home cool 24 hours a day, it can send your energy bills through the roof. The solution? A thermostat you can program. You will enjoy better control of the temperature in your home, plus may save some energy money along the way.

    You can schedule the device to raise the temperature setting during the night or when you’re away from home and that way reduce your energy bills by 10 percent or more. Even better – select a Wi-Fi enabled programmable thermostat and have it installed this spring, and then program it from your computer or mobile devices.

  4. Check Attic and Other Areas Around Your Home

    If your house has an attic, spring is a perfect time to check its insulation level to ensure maximum cooling efficiency during the hot seasons.

    If you have less than 10 inches of insulation, you should increase it and potentially save hundreds of dollars each year on energy bills. Proper insulation will help your HVAC system run much more efficiently and safely.

    Check the area around your AC or heat pump and make sure it’s clear. Check the outdoor condensing unit and clear debris, such as leaves and dead grass, around it. Also, trim down any foliage near the unit to ensure adequate airflow.

UGI HVAC technician walking into home with AC unit testing equipment

  1. Check the Drain Line

    When your cooling system is operating excess moisture gets drained. The drain line should periodically be checked to make sure there are no blockages.

    To inspect the drain line, look for water running out of your outside drain while your AC or heat pump is running, and if you don’t see any water, it may be a sign of a clogged drain line.

  2. Get a Tune-Up

    Since we switch our cooling system on and off frequently and typically use it continually for long periods of time, we need to take steps to have it inspected regularly and prevent damage from wear and tear.

    Preventative maintenance for a highly functional air conditioner extends the service life of your cooling system and enables it to operate at up to 25 percent better efficiency, which means you’ll also enjoy lower utility bills.

    So be proactive and get a professional air conditioning or heat pump tune-up to ensure that your refrigerant is set at the optimum level, all components are operating properly and your system is running efficiently.

  3. Consider an Upgrade

    If your cooling system is broken, or old and inefficient, spring is a great time to replace it.

    Your HVAC contractors will make sure your new cooling system is properly sized and installed to make your home nice and cool, but also to run more efficiently, which can save you significantly on both your upfront expenses and energy bills in the future.

    UGI Heating, Cooling and Plumbing team of HVAC experts brings decades of experience to make your home safe and comfortable by delivering preventative maintenance, a brand new installation, or a whole-home energy assessment.

    Turn to our skilled technicians for all of your cooling system needs in Lancaster, PA, Reading, PA, Harrisburg, PA, and Bethlehem, PA.

    Temperatures are about to start rising – make an appointment for your air conditioning service or upgrade today.