10 Easy Ways to Save on Energy Costs this Spring and Summer

We all continually look for ways to save energy and money – but during sweltering summer days and nights, we all need air conditioning to stay comfortable – so how do you stay cool without breaking the bank?

We put together some tips that you can use for cool comfort and energy savings in your home:

Some of these things you can quickly and easily start doing right away, while others may require a little more time, effort or planning – and spring is the time to start on it before the soaring temperatures of the summer!


1. Weatherproof Your Home

Weather-strip, seal, and caulk leaky doors and windows to prevent about 20% of air moving through your system to leak into spaces you do not want cooled.

2. Use Dishwasher

Did you know that your dishwasher uses less water than when you wash dishes by hand – nearly 5,000 more gallons of water a year? Make sure your dishwater is an Energy Star® qualified dishwasher, and let dishes air dry to save even more energy money.

3. Use Cold Water To Wash Clothes

Using the cold-water setting is a much more efficient way to do your laundry. Also, use cold water to rinse your clothes.

4. Turn Off Devices Not in Use

Turn off any appliances, light and equipment when not in use – it can nicely contribute to savings on annual energy costs.

5. Install A Programmable Thermostat

Your AC works hard to remove moisture and reduce humidity from the air in your home. Install a programmable thermostat and set the temperature a little higher. Every degree above 78° can help you save 6-8% in cooling costs. For more information, click here.

6. Install a Whole House Attic Fan

On not so hot days, a whole house fan in your attic can be used instead of your air conditioner. It works by drawing cool air into your home through the windows while forcing hot air out through your attic vents.

7. Replace Dirty AC Filters

Dirty AC filters restrict airflow and can cause the system to run longer, increasing energy use, so for best result and maximum benefit replace filters monthly. This can also lead to your central air system freezing up, which is never a good thing on a hot day.

8. Use Your Dryer Efficiently

Use your dryer efficiently and sparingly, and when you need to run it, run full loads only and make sure to clean the clothes dryer lint trap after each use. Line dry clothes whenever possible.

9. Seal Leaks in Your Duct System

Check for holes, tears, and other signs of leaking ducts. Seal them using mastic or metal (foil) tape, and insulate all the ducts you can access (in the attic, crawlspace, unfinished basement, or garage). Sealing and insulating ducts can improve the efficiency of your HVAC system by as much as 20 percent.

You can also opt to have a certified HVAC contractor come to your home to perform an Energy Audit. This will provide you with a complete report outlining an energy savings plan and which items will help you to save the most money. For more information, click here.

10. Have a Professional Tune-Up Your HVAC System

To keep your system at peak performance and prevent future problems, have a contractor do annual pre-season check-up on your cooling system in the spring. They can also inspect your duct system for leaks.

Bonus Tip: Replace Your HVAC System

This one may not fall into the “quick and easy” category, but if your HVAC equipment is more than 10 years old, or inefficient, consider replacing it with one that is ENERGY STAR certified. Depending on where you live, replacing your old HVAC equipment with ENERGY STAR certified units could cut your annual energy bill by more than $160. To learn about how SEER ratings determine the efficiency of your home’s cooling system and how that affects your monthly bills, click here.

Replacing old cooling equipment with a new, energy-efficient model is the best way to save on energy costs. A professional can determine which replacement is ideal for your home.

An older AC system is likely using the R22 refrigerant, which will no longer be manufactured after 2020. This means that those annual coolant fill ups will become more and more expensive. To learn more about the Banning of R22 refrigerant, click here.

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