Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that the quality of the air you breathe indoors can be 100 times worse than the quality of the outside air? Since people typically spend 60-90% of their lives indoors, this situation poses many problems.

Many allergens, pollutants and micro-organisms thrive in indoor air. You can relieve these indoor problems with proper air filtration and purification. There are many options to consider but the best approach is to look for a whole-home solution that does not require additional electricity or emit any ozone which can irritate your lungs. The right system can work along with your central heating and air conditioning equipment providing fresh, properly filtered air throughout your home.

A proper air filtration system should remove over 95% of the particles in your air – down to .3 microns! It should also remove other hazards such as micro-organisms and bio-aerosols down to .01 microns. This superior performance ensures the purest indoor air possible promoting a healthier indoor environment. The air filtration system should be easy to use. We suggest a throw-away type media filter that does not require cleaning but there are several other filters with special applications for your consideration.

This is where UGI Heating, Cooling & Plumbing can help with our Healthy Home Solutions products and services listed below. We can evaluate your particular situation and provide free estimates for our home comfort products. We have answers that will be tailored to your specific needs.

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