The Low Down On Heat: Switching from Oil to Natural Gas

A question many homeowners have been asking us is whether it is beneficial to switch from heating oil to natural gas. Will it save you money? Is it more beneficial for the environment? Will it improve the comfort in our home?

The answer to these questions is YES – not only is heating oil a more expensive solution for heating your home than natural gas, but there are several other benefits to switching to natural gas.

At UGI Heating, Cooling & Plumbing we have performed thousands of oil to gas conversions, and have seen first-hand the multiple benefits that natural gas usage offers for homeowners, including:

  1. Cost-Effective
    Natural gas is more accessible and far less costly than heating oil and electricity, and the overall savings is usually worth the upfront cost of the oil to gas conversion. With the abundance of natural gas right here in Pennsylvania, prices are expected to stay low for decades to come.

  2. Efficient and Easy to Maintain
    Your old heating equipment may be only 50 – 80% efficient, wasting much of the fuel you purchase. New natural gas furnaces and boilers have efficiency ratings of up to 98% which means less energy is needed to keep your home comfortable all winter long.

    Regular maintenance for natural gas systems is much easier, and, therefore, more cost-effective. Oil furnaces require a very involved, messy cleaning each year that can cost you over $300 on top of all those high oil delivery bills.

  3. Clean and Green
    Natural Gas is the cleanest of all the fossil fuels, making it better for the environment than oil. It is great to know that your new system will emit up to 40% less greenhouse gases and 100% less sulfur dioxide, so heating your home with natural gas helps to reduce your environmental footprint.

  4. Convenient
    When you convert to natural gas, gone will be the days of checking the gauge on your old oil tank, calling for a delivery, waiting for a delivery, hoping that prices haven’t sky rocketed, and hoping that the impending snow storm doesn’t prevent your delivery from making it on time. Since natural gas is supplied directly to your home, you will always have an endless, reliable supply to heat your home and run your appliances. No advance payments are needed, and you can usually get a budgeted bill through your utility to pay a flat rate throughout the year.

    Also, with natural gas hot water comes instantly, no waiting for warm up.

Close up image of natural gas stove burner glowing blue in dark room

  1. Domestic Supply
    With natural gas there is less dependency on foreign oil – almost 100% of the natural gas consumed by UGI customers is produced in the U.S – in fact, it comes from right here in Pennsylvania. Your domestic supply is in good hands – it is abundant, stable, and easy to access.

  2. Versatile
    Upgrading to natural gas can help you simplify, save across the board, and enhance your overall comfort and convenience at home. Besides heating your home, natural gas can be used for your hot water heater, swimming pool heater, or to dry your clothes. And who doesn’t love the comfort and convenience of a gas fireplace in the winter, or an outdoor gas fire pit in the warmer months? Update that tired old kitchen with a new gas range or create an outdoor kitchen complete with built-in gas grill – now you’re cooking with gas!

  3. Increase Your Home’s Value
    A natural gas conversion can also add value to your home and increase the number of potential buyers who want to take a look at your home, since this is an expense buyers do not have to consider adding at a later date. In fact, many buyers will only consider homes with natural gas, which leads to a faster time to sell.

    It is always a great time to convert to natural gas, so do not wait for your old furnace or boiler to stop working in the middle of winter – start enjoying the comfort, value and other benefits of using natural gas right now!

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