Take the worry out of home energy costs. Switch to Natural Gas.

5 reasons why you should convert to Natural Gas or Propane now.

The gas conversion experts at UGI Heating Cooling & Plumbing have been the area’s leading team when it comes to helping homeowners radically reduce home heating expenses. We have helped hundreds of families make the switch to economical Natural Gas, or even to Propane when Natural Gas is not readily available. Let’s review the facts:

#1 – You could save a lot of money each month.

How much you’ll save depends on how high electric and heating prices go this winter, but it could be hundreds – even over $1,000 annually! Our team of comfort specialists can help you make the smart decision and start the process towards saving those critical energy dollars.

#2 – You’ll help reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

About 85% of our nation’s supply of Natural Gas and Propane is produced here in the United States with over 97% from North America. This means preserving American jobs and building a better local economy.

#3 – You’ll help reduce global warming.

Natural Gas and Propane are the cleanest of all the fossil fuels. Your new system will emit up to 40% less greenhouse gases and 100% less sulfur dioxide. That’s better for the environment than heating oil!

Old, tarnished heating system

#4 – New Natural Gas and Propane equipment is HIGHLY EFFICIENT and requires low maintenance.

Your old heating system (like the boiler system pictured here) may only be 60% to 80% efficient, wasting much of the fuel you purchase. Today’s new gas-fired systems have efficiency ratings up to 97%!

#5 – There are no advance fuel payments required for Natural Gas service.

Unlike heating oil purchases, you don’t have to pre-pay for Natural Gas purchases. Your bill is based on the actual energy usage each month. For even greater convenience, your energy provider may offer programs that let you spread winter expenses over the full year to keep payments easier on your budget.

BONUS: Natural Gas and Propane are great for cooking and other lifestyle improvements!

In additional to saving money on clothes drying and getting faster, less expensive hot water, you might want to consider adding a cozy and convenient Natural Gas Fireplace in the family room, or add a Natural Gas space heater in the basement or workshop. How about a Natural Gas Grill for instant summer fun?

Whatever your choices, the UGI Heating Cooling & Plumbing team is ready to guide you, and provide FREE quotes on installation. Simply call (877) 844-4822 and ask for one of our expert Home Comfort Specialists to come out to your home. Be sure to ask about all the money-saving options available!