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  • Help! My air conditioning unit is frozen up!

    If you are noticing that a hot day is getting hotter as you step in your house, you may have a frozen air conditioning system! Your central air conditioner may freeze up for a few different reasons. Insufficient airflow across your air conditioning unit’s evaporator coil, low levels of refrigerant, incorrect operating temperatures or even [...]

  • Woman sitting on floor in front of radiator with winter coat on

    My House is Hot Upstairs and Cold Downstairs – Here’s How to Fix That

    The higher temperatures are upon us, and homeowners across the country are starting to look at how efficient and capable their current A/C is. For some, making sure their current HVAC system is in good condition means regularly replacing filters, having it inspected and serviced yearly, to others it will mean repairing air leaks or [...]

  • Large house in wooded lot covered in snow

    It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humidity

    In the summer, your cooling system is your best friend. You wanted to make sure your AC is there for you and your family, so you checked that it’s working properly and set your thermostat to deal with the dog days of a Pennsylvania summer. If, on a scorching hot summer day, you still feel [...]

  • Nest learning thermostat

    Smart Thermostat

    Everything seems to be getting “smarter” these days: Smartphone, Smart TV, Smart Board, etc. Now, even your thermostat is getting smarter. Yes, the thing you use to set the temperature inside your home is getting a facelift. No longer are the days where you are constantly adjusting the thermostat throughout your busy day to try [...]